Alive! Pea Protein Isolate Ultra-Shake Vanilla 33.9 oz (962 g) - Discontinued

Nature's Way SKU: NW15545
Alive! Pea Protein Isolate Ultra-Shake Vanilla 33.9 oz (962 g)

Alive! Pea Protein Isolate Ultra-Shake Vanilla 33.9 oz (962 g) - Discontinued

Nature's Way SKU: NW15545
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    Product Details

    • The Ultimate Nutritional Energy Source with Pea Protein
    • Whole Food Energizer
    • Non-GMO and Vegetarian
    • Vitamins - Minerals - Protein
    • Plus Fruits, Vegetables, Green Foods, Herbs, Bioflavonoids, Amino Acids, Enzymes, EFAs and Mushrooms

    Alive! Ultra-Shake Pea Protein is a comprehensive whole food multivitamin that serves as the ultimate nutritional energy source. Each serving contains more fiber and fewer carbohydrates than other whole food energy shakes PLUS the added benefit of pea protein which is better digested with less allergen potential than whey or soy protein. The powder is easy to mix with water, juice or milk – no blender required.

    Alive! Ultra-Shake Pea Protein is a delicious, protein enhanced, shake mix version of the Alive! Max Potency formula, which means you get the same power-packed nutrients including:

    • 25 vitamins and minerals
    • 10 amino acids
    • 12 digestive enzymes
    • 14 green foods
    • 12 organically grown mushrooms
    • 40+ antioxidants

    As with all Alive! Multivitamins they’re also packed with high potency B-vitamins, 20+ fruits and vegetables and nutrients for whole body nourishment to help support bone health, daily energy, colon health, eye health, heart health, and immune defense.

    Suggested Use

    As a dietary supplement, add 1 heaping scoop to 8 fluid ounces of cold water, milk or juice (scoop included). Shake or stir until smooth. Mixes instantly, no blender required. Intended to be taken once daily.



    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 1 Scoop (37 g)
    Servings per Container: 26

     Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
    Calories from Fat5
    Total Carbohydrate15 g5%
    Dietary Fiber4 g16%
    Sugars9 g*
    Protein15 g30%
    Vitamin A (33% [5,000 IU] as retinol palmitate and 67% [10,000 IU] as beta carotene)15,000 IU300%
    Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)1 g1667%
    Vitamin D (as ergocalciferol)1,000 IU250%
    Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate)200 IU667%
    Vitamin K (as phytonadione)80 mcg100%
    Thiamin (as thiamine mononitrate)25 mg1667%
    Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)25 mg1471%
    Niacin (as niacinamide125 mg625%
    Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl/pyridoxal 5-phosphate)50 mg2500%
    Folic Acid400 mcg100%
    Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)200 mcg3333%
    Biotin325 mcg108%
    Pantothenic Acid (as d-calcium pantothenate)125 mg1250%
    Calcium (as citrate/carbonate)250 mg25%
    Iron (from pea protein)2 mg11%
    Iodine (as potassium iodide, from from kelp/bladderwrack powder)150 mcg100%
    Magnesium (as citrate/oxide)125 mg31%
    Zinc (as amino acid chelate)15 mg100%
    Selenium (as L-selenomethionine)200 mcg286%
    Copper (as amino acid chelate)2 mg100%
    Manganese (as amino acid chelate)5 mg250%
    Chromium (as picolinate)250 mcg208%
    Molybdenum75 mcg100%
    Sodium210 mg9%
    Potassium (from amino acid chelate, from xanthan gum/kelp)75 mg2%
    Pea Protein (non-GMO isolate) providing amino acids: Glutamic acid, Aspartic acid, Arginine, Leucine, Lysine, Serine, Phenylalanine, Valine, Isoleucine, Alanine, Proline, Glycine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Histidine, Methionine, Cysteine, Tryptophan15 g*
    Multi-Fiber Blend:
    Oat Fiber; Chicory (root) Extract; Xanthan Gum
    3.5 g*
    Green Food/Spirulina Blend:
    Spirulina (microalgae); Kelp/Bladderwrack (whole thallus); Alfalfa (leaf, stem); Barley Grass (grass); Dandelion (leaf); Wheat Grass (grass); Melissa (leaf); Lemon Grass (grass); Nettle (leaf); Blessed Thistle (stem, leaf, flower); Chlorella (broken-cell microalgae); Plantain (leaf); Blue Green Algae (microalgae); Cilantro (leaf)
    550 mg*
    Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex
    (from lemon, sweet orange, bitter orange, grapefruit) providing: Hesperidin, Naringin, Narirutin, Eriocitrin, Flavonols and Flavones
    100 mg*
    Garden Veggies Juice Powder Blend:
    Parsley; Kale; Spinach; Wheat Grass; Brussels Sprout; Asparagus; Broccoli; Cauliflower; Beet; Carrot; Cabbage; Garlic
    100 mg*
    Orchard Fruits Blend:
    Pomegranate (seed); Acai (whole palm fruit) Extract; Juice Powders: Plum; Cranberry; Blueberry; Strawberry; Blackberry; Bilberry; Cherry; Apricot; Papaya; Orange: Grape; Pineapple
    100 mg*
    Organic Mushroom Defense Blend:
    Cordyceps; Reishi; Shiitake; Hiratake; Maitake; Yamabushitake; Himematsutake; Kawaratake; Chaga; Zhu Ling; Agarikon; Mesima
    100 mg*
    Digestive Enzyme Blend:
    Concentrated Enzyme formula: (Protease I, Protease II, Peptizyme SP, Amylase, Lactase, Invertase, Lipase, Cellulase, Alpha Galactosidase); Betaine HCl; Bromelain (from pineapple); Papain (from papaya)
    100 mg*
    Omega 3/6/9 Fatty Acid Seed Blend:
    Flax Seed Powder (dry, cold pressed); Sunflower Seed Powder (dry, cold pressed)
    100 mg*
    Siberian Eleuthero (root)50 mg*
    Inositol50 mg*
    Choline (as choline bitartrate)30 mg*
    Rutin25 mg*
    Boron (as amino acid chelate)1 mg*
    Lutein (from marigold)200 mcg*
    * Daily Value not established.

    Other Ingredients: 100% pure crystalline fructose, natural flavors, luo han guo extract.

    No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. No soy, yeast, wheat grain, milk, lactose or dairy products.


    As with any supplement, if you are taking medication consult your doctor before use. Do not exceed recommended use.

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