Nu-Pet Granular Greens 8.47 oz (240 g)

Ark Naturals SKU: AN00070
Nu-Pet Granular Greens 8.47 oz (240 g)

Nu-Pet Granular Greens 8.47 oz (240 g)

Ark Naturals SKU: AN00070
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    Product Details

    • For Dogs, Cats and Other Pets
    • Powerful Vitamin and Antioxidant Formula
    • Green Food Phytonutrients
    • Supports Good Health!
    • The Benchmark of Quality - NASC
    • Made in the USA

    Product Facts: For Dogs, Cats and other Pets 12 weeks and older

    Reasons to Choose Nu-Pet Granular Greens:

    • Heating and processing of commercial pet food destroys many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your pets need.
    • "Live" whole food phytonutrients are alive with powerful ingredients that provide your pets with all known enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
    • Wheat sprouts/grass also help your pets' system naturally produce Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD).
    • Barley grass source of calcium, iron, B-12, amino acids.
    • Alfalfa grass source for chlorophyll, calcium, magnesium and potassium.
    • Spirulina source of Beta-Carotene, B-12 and GLA - supports healthy coats.
    • Kelp supports healthy coat color and healthy skin.
    • B-12 supports healthy red blood cells.
    • Selenium supports healthy immune system.
    • Vegetarian - excellent for pets with animal protein restrictions.

    Veterinarian recommended: Formulated by Dr. Nancy Scanlan, DVM and Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst PhD.

    Suggested Use

    Initial use: For senior pets or pets with health issues: Double the recommended amount for 4 weeks; thereafter reduce to maintenance recommendations.

    Up to 20 lbs..........1/2 tsp.
    Up to 40 lbs..........1 tsp.
    Up to 75 lbs..........1 1/2 tsp.
    Over 75 lbs..........2 tsp.

    Product Facts

    Guaranteed Analysis - Each teaspoon contains:
    Selenium (chelate)15 mcg
    B-1215 mcg
    Wheat Sprout / Grass Complex2050 mg
    Alfalfa Grass200 mg
    Barley Grass200 mg
    Spirulina150 mg
    Kelp100 mg
    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Protein42.26% MIN
    Moisture11.24% MAX
    Crude Fat3.5% MIN
    Crude Fiber5.2% MAX

    Individual results may vary. Always consult your vet if you suspect your animal is ill.

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