Did Nu Century Herbs Really Launch a New and Improved Resprin?

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Resprin: New and Improved Formula

Nu Century Herbs Launches a New and Improved Resprin

Nu Century Herbs is doing their part in promoting a healthy planet and a healthy body. The company is proud to announce some exciting improvements to their well-known respiratory supplement, Resprin:

Resprin has gone organic! "When using more organic ingredients, we can help reduce the toxic load by keeping chemicals and pesticides out of the air, water, soil, and our bodies. Ever since the Resprin brand launched back in 2009, we have been working diligently with suppliers to make organic herbs a part of our formula." said Tom Long, CFO of Nu Century Herbs. They are delighted to say that today, 17 out of the 23 herbs in Resprin are now certified organic.

The formula is also stronger. The original formula was extracted 5:1. Their new "organic blend" is now extracted 10:1. To make this process possible, the whole herb is used for extraction. Other manufacturers use what is called "standardized extraction" which means they use only what is believed to be the active constituent and discard the contents of the rest of the plant. Nu Century Herbs takes a more holistic approach to extraction. In other words, they agree with the holistic belief that the active constituent in a plant is actually the entire plant and that discarding any parts of the plant may result in losing many key constituents. Therefore, they do not use standardized extractions.

Nu Century Herbs invites you to SHARE THE AIR and join them on their journey towards better health and a better planet. They have been researching the connection between herbs and wellness for over two decades. Their synergistic formulations are quality produced in the USA with 100% vegetarian, all natural herbal ingredients and extracted from root, fruit and flora.

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  • Celeste Duncan

    Thank you. Any improvement is beneficial for everyone. I love this product.

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